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Sunday, January 07, 2018

Butler High School Teachers ~

In Memory of
Butler High School Teachers

Please suggest [via comment] teachers I should add to the list.

  • Dorothy Doerr
  • Virginia Hutchison
  • William Lehnard 
  • Thomas Crane 
  • Ellis Love
  • Anthony DeFurio
  • William Ellis
  • Herb Elias
  • Anthony DeFurio
  • Sarah Burnheart 
  • Mr. Reimold
  • Miss Cunningham
  • Robert E. Hovis
  • A. Gerald Capezutti
  • John T. Ifft 
  • Emil Rosenzweig
  • Ray W. Miller
  • Mr. Greenawalt
  • Mr. Typinski
  • Rudy Corona


Anonymous said...

Robert E. "Bob" Hovis. I did not have him for math but he was my homeroom teacher. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/butlereagle/obituary.aspx?page=lifestory&pid=132010110

Anonymous said...

Mr. Reimold

B Mac said...

A,Gerald Capezutti
John T Ifft
Emil Rosenzweig
Ray W Miller

Anonymous said...

Mr Greenawalt the Business teacher, Nice guy,

most popular words


What a character,

Anonymous said...

Mr. Typinski. Taught Electronics. Real Gentleman.

Anonymous said...

Rudy Corona